Nazi's and race

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Germany and Racial Ideology
In order to even comprehend why the holocaust happened one has to look deep into German Race Ideology. In other words, one has look at the ways this ideology portrayed race and why it mattered. The men behind this ideology believed "the idea of race was essentially and respectively scientific.”(Mosse, 88) They thought that they could classify any ethnic group into a specific race. Hitler and Volkish thinkers believed that race was defined by purity of the bloodline and rootedness to the land that their ancestors settled. They believed race mattered because race is the creator and savor of humanity. The bloodline of a race was extremely important to this ideology because it determined what characteristics it had. These Volkish thinkers began to transition this racial science to a metaphysical level. In other words they believed that ones race could determine an individuals Physical and Mental attributes. Woltmann used the laws of Darwin because he thought that they directed the evolution of man as they did of plants and animals. He went one step closer and applied these laws to racial criteria for determining race. Woltmann used the proportions of the human body, facial geography and other physical characteristics. For example the Aryan body had a perfectly proportioned torso and head, but the legs to the buttocks duplicated the absolute proportions of physical beauty. In the eyes of Volkish thinkers this example was why Germans where the dominate race, because they exemplified physical Aryan qualities. (Mosse, 100) This ideology was not limited to just physical structure, but also shaped internal mental life. In fact it was thought that because of ones race they could determine his way of thinking, organizational abilities, intelligence, and culture. For example in George Mosse book “The Crisis of German Ideology” states that the lightness of the skin and hair has a direct correlation with intelligence.(104) Rootedness also...

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