Nazi propaganda machine and the effect on the German people

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Nazi propaganda machine and the effect on the German people

In the years after the Versailles treaty of 1918 which ended World War I, Germany was in the midst of financial crises and damaged national pride. In 1923 the people savings melted way with the inflation that struck Germany to its core and total destruction of the middle class. The brand new Weimar Republic that was formed after the end of World War I, gave a new political freedom unseen before in Germany. Historically, Germany was ruled by kings and generals and political scene of the times after the World War I was a new system not only for the German people but even for its politicians. In the first general election more than 30 parties fought for the electoral vote. Political clashes between of “pointing fingers” at each other delayed forming of a Government for almost a year. All this was looked upon suspicious and disappointment from the economically damaged German. Under the Weimar Republic corruption became norm in the public services once an example for honesty. Despite the financial injection provided for Germany to build back its economy, the unemployment was still extremely great and corruption was becoming larger problem. Corruption and unemployment infuriated Germans and became the biggest weapon in Hitler’s political campaigns. Nazi’s manage to use all errors made by the new political system and the Weimer Republic Government as a weapon against them. With 1929 Wall street crash Germans had enough with the capitalists system and many of them began joining revolutionary forces. Young Germans were joining Communists and Fascists movements. Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party ran a campaign for uniting the German people, putting end to the political war between the parties that polarized the nation and ending unemployment and corruption. It was a campaign that sprang from the struggles of the average German and it was turned to a campaign ran by hate. Hitler himself, a profound speaker, began a campaign of hatred and all-out war against the Jews long before he came to power. Hitler’s Propaganda was blaming the new Republic and it’s existing at that time social services, freedom of speech to be a Jew invention made to enslave German people. His Propaganda accused Jews for wishing the destruction of Germany during and after the World War I and using Machiavelli methods to rule the World. In the years before Hitler’s became a Chancellor of Germany, Nazi’s biggest rivals were the Communists. Hitler stated that the purpose of the Jews is to dominate the world by spreading Bolshevism. This way his campaign was targeting Jews and Communists in the same time despite the fact that most powerful Jews were connected with the capitalists system and Jewish people suffered greatly during the Communist reign to power in the Russia. In the Fuhrer’s vision the October Revolution was Jewish - financed conspiracy to conquer the world. Public burnings of books written by Jews and Communists were destroyed became a weekly routine by SA troops years before even Hitler and the Nazi’s were in power. The brain behind the Propaganda operation of the National-Democratic Party was an ex doctor, journalists, bank clerk, and stock exchange broker named Joseph Goebbels. He was a person who never found his right career and didn’t succeed in any of the fields that he worked during his civil life. In Hitler’s Third Reich, however, he became one of the most successful and feared Nazi’s. The appointment of Goebbels as a minister of Propaganda came in 1933 during Hitler’s deal with conservative government of Paul Von Hindenburg. His noticeable propaganda achievement was in his endorsement to cult figures of a SA leader shot and killed by Communist supporters. He managed to transform them into an idealistic status and example for all Germans and by that his main goal - to demonize the Communists. He hated Jews in particularly and he made them...
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