Nazi Policies Towards Women

Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: November 18, 2008
‘Explain the reasons for Nazi policies towards women.’

The period following the ‘Great War’ World War I, In Germany from 1919 to 1931 was called the Weimar Republic’. This period saw the German people including women for the first time produce a new democratic constitution after the German Monarchy had been abolished. After the war Germany desperately needed stability and peace following their devastating defeat. The crisis of reparations and the terms of the Treaty of Versailles was a big burden on the shoulders of Weimar Germany. This opened a path for Women on particular as German jobs were to be filled quickly as a result of the deaths in the War. Throughout the Weimar republic the ideal of the “New Woman” had flourished; a woman who was a socially conscious, employed, voting, self determined individual who shared the same rights as men and similar opportunities. Many women gained significantly from the social freedoms and gender equalities provided during the Weimar period. This was soon to change as the weak Weimar Republic was faced with many economic problems including Hyper-inflation and by 1923 the republic seemed doomed. Communists rebelled in some areas and the Nazi party lead by Adolf Hilter attempted and armed rebellion. But despite these events the republic survived and looked to be in control. But in 1929, a worldwide economic depression began. Millions of Germans lost their jobs. The government appeared powerless and political violence increased. Most importantly the voters increasingly supported groups that promised a new system of government and primarily an answer to unemployment. The inevitable change in government finally took place when the Nazi’s seized power under Adolf Hitler. The transition from Weimar to Nazi Germany can be seen in the massive increase in the role of the state, particularly in the lives of women. One thing which the Nazi party quickly changed was its definition of the role of women in society. The Nazi party defined...
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