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Question. 1. Describe the problems faced by the Weimar Republic ?

Answer i) Weimar was not received of its own people largely because of the term it was forced to accept after Germany was defeated at the end of First World War.

ii) The socialist catholics and democrats who supported it were mockingly called the november criminals.

iii) The Weimar Republic crushed the uprising of soviet of workers with help of war veteran organization called free corps. iv) There was economic crisis of 1923. The prices of goods soared. this crisis is known a hyperinflation. On 24 October, 13 million shares were sold. This was a start of Great economic depression. The effects of this worst hit the Germany’s economy. iv) Politically too, Weimar was very fragile. Its constitution had some inherent defects. There was a liberal use of Article 48.

Q. 2. Discuss why Nazism became popular in Germany by 1930.

Ans. I) During the great depression Nazism became a mars movements. Banks collapsed business shut down. In such situation where people were threatened with destitution. Nazi propaganda stirred hopes for a better future. ii) In 1928 the Nazi Party got only 2.6% votes but by 1932 it had became the largest party with 37% vote in Reichstag the German parliament. iii) Hitler was a powerful speaker. His passion and his word moved people. He promised to build a strong nation & gave employment for those who are looking for work and a secure future for the youth. iv) Nazis held massive rallies public meeting to instill the sense of unity. The Red banner with the Swastika the nazi salute & rounds of applause after speeches were all part of his spectacle of power.

Q. 3 What are the peculiar features of Nazi thinking ?
Ans. The state is above all people. People exist for the state rather than state for the people. ii) Opposing to both democracy and communism.
iii) Superiority in the Aryan race.
iv) Hatred for Jews.
v) To give back Germany’s lost esteem.
vi) Glorification of the use of force.
vii) Full faith in the leader of the party.
viii) Hitler idea of racism was borrowed from thinkers like Charles Darwin and Herbet Spencer. He believed that the strongest race would survive and the weak one would perish. ix) He believed that the new territory had to be acquire for settlement which would enhance the area of the country and also the resource and power of the German Nation.

Q. 4 Explain why Nazi propaganda was effective in creating a hatred for jews.

1. The nazi regime used language and media with care and often to a great effect. 2. Nazi ideas were spread through visual image films, radio poster, catchy slogans and leaflets. In poster, groups identified as enemies of Germans were stereotyped, mocked, abused and described as evil. 3. Propaganda films were made to create hatred for jews. The most infamous film was The Eternal Jew. 4. Jew were shown with flowing beards, wearing kaftans but in reality there was a very minimum difference between German & Jews. 5. Nazi worked on the minds of the people, tapped their emotions and turned their hatred & anger to undesirables.

Q. 5. Explain what role women has in Nazi Society. Return to Ch 1 and write a para comparing & contrasting the role of women in the two periods.

Ans. Role of Women in French Society:

1. From the very beginning women were active participants in the events which brought changes in the society. 2. Women were employed as seamstress, sold flower, fruits, vegetable or employed as a servant in the prosperous houses. 3. Most women did not have access to education. Only daughters of Nobles or wealthier people could get education. 4. Working women has also to care for their families, i.e. cook, look after children. Their wages were lower than those of men.

Role of Women in Nazi Society...
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