Nayer of India

Topics: Nair, Kerala, Ritual Pages: 3 (726 words) Published: April 9, 2011
The Nayar of India
Dawn Morrall
Introduction to cultural anthropology
Joseph Scahill

The Nayar people a caste from south Indian State of Kerala and Punjab have a very different culturals ways from ares. I haved learned a lot about them. I will discuss how they are with their kinship. I will also go into their religion and beliefs. Also their Policial Organization. Throough out I will also discuss there Industrialist ways. From doing the research that I have done I found that I am very proud of my culture. Because some cultures are hard to follow, but let us learn.

The Nayar are industrialist they own or are involved in the management of an industrial enterprise weather it be and enconomic organization of society built largely on mechanized industry rather than agriculture, craftsmanship, or commerce.

Nayar beliefs are very strange from their marriage rites to their religious background. Their religion is Hinduism it has a variety of complex views spans such as folk and vedic Hinduism it also includes yogic traditions and a wide spectrum of daily morality based on notions of karma and societal norms and is considered the third largest religion in the world.

Nayar are traditionally matrilineal and traced roots through the women in the family. When the nayar women of India would get married, they would marry according to the talikettukalydram rite.
The Talikettukalydram rite starts before puberty about 7-12 years of age with a three day ritual cleansing done on her own, much like a mock menstrual seclusion. The marriage with tali gold ornament tied around the brides neck, and 3 days of the couple in seclusion with their selfs afterwards.

The rite also had once included sex if she was near puberty thus a mock ending or virginity. This ended the time together with a ritual bath to end the pollution of cohabitation and in public the two tore a loin cloth she wore during the cohabitation in half as a symbol of...
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