Navy Supplies Officer

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15 May 2006

Navy Supplies Officer

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The career I am interested in is to be a Naval Supply Corps Officer. In this report, I will talk about present and future employment, the advantages and disadvantages of the work, job qualifications and educational requirements in the Navy.

Whether it’s bullets or bacon, aircraft antennas or aspirin , medical supplies, Supply Officers ensure that the Navy and its Sailors have the crucial materials and transportation means needed to successfully complete their missions. Officers in this field provides the inventory, organization, and careful transport of the materials and resources needed by the Navy’s Sailors, ships, squadrons, submarines, and shore stations across the globe (Gray 1 ). General nature of this work is to make sure all supplies are available. For example if a plane needed a new engine you would have to ensure that it is in stock or purchase the engine from manufacturers, ship it where it’s needed to accomplish the mission on time. Also you would have to do ship services , where you provide quality meals to the crew. Specific duties for this work would be stock control, the stock control division ensures all routine and critical parts are avaliable, from office pens to repair parts for weapons systems. Also another job is Ship Services, Disbursing Division that provides military pay and allowances, and Aviation Support Division makes sure all aviation parts are available. One last division is Material Control, this division provides an array of supplies for the ships there on.( Jones 264-265)Some of my personal reasons for wanting to be in the navy is because I grew up being a navy kid and I just got used to it. When I saw my dad doing his job I got inerested in it. I also think that it’s

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safer to be in the Navy than being in the Army or the Marines. And being in the Navy also seems to be easier.

Employment opportunities for this job are...
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