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Nature V. Science

By nycutie5 Nov 01, 2006 281 Words
There has been an ongoing debate amongst generations on the subject of Nature v. Science. A good amount of people either let their religion either guide their lives, or even control their lives. Generally religions have similar aspects which can help understand other religions. The information done on totemism is what they experimented with and hoped to apply to other religions.

The conceptions and beliefs used to be thought as the essential elements of religion, but in reality it is only an external translation. It is not there to give us knowledge or add conceptions about science, but to aid us in our lives. It is also found that "Fundamental categories of thought, and consequently of science, are of religious origin." Society is the heart of religion in which moral and human forces are conceived. Every civilization has its own forms of characteristics that they have learned about that grow as time goes on, and different schemes of ideas help understand them better. Things have to be experimented on in order to falsify them or prove they are true. This religious idea assists in understanding science.

I feel that you have to be able to prove things scientifically with a hypothesis and an experiment, but it isn't just science that is coming up with these ideas, it is also religion. Religion was the basis of many cultures centuries ago and still is today. It has evolved into a lifestyle and a guide though in more present times. We allow our moral values taken from what we have learned from our religion and applied them to life outside of religion. So I agree with what was said in this piece.

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