Nature vs Nuture

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Nature vs Nurture Edmund Kemper
have control over, that is, as long as that person is the one being nurtured. Nature is the personality based on genetic predispositions. In my opinion, people are raised the way their parents or guardians are raised and as one grows older and has children, they choose to raise them the way they Edmund Kemper is a perfect storm of nurture and nature. Nurture is the role a person does not see it or been raised. Edmund had an emotionally abusive mother and his father left when he was very young. Edmund didn’t have a choice in the constructing of his genetic codes, it is said that many of ones personality traits are passed from grandparents to parents. Watching the first interviews, he described his fear and anger growing up, along with the things he envisioned doing. The first thing that bothered me that he said was "When I was in school," Kemper said in a taped interview, "I was called a chronic daydreamer and I saw a counselor twice during junior high and high school, and that was very routine. They didn't ask me a lot of questions about myself and that was probably the most violent fantasy time I was off into” If he was talking to a counselor could they not see all the problems he had and try to help him? The second thing that bothered me that he says is,"I'm picking up young women," in the interview shown on Mug shots, "and I'm going a little bit farther each time. It's a daring kind of thing. First there wasn't a gun. I'm driving along. We go to a vulnerable place, where there aren't people watching, where I could act out and I say, 'No, I can't.' And then a gun is in the car, hidden. And this craving, this awful raging eating feeling inside, this fantastic passion. It was overwhelming me. It was like drugs. It was like alcohol. A little isn't enough. It seems as if hes so proud of what hes done. I believe this all started after he killed the family cat with a machete and stuffed the remains in his closet which his mother...
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