Nature vs Nuture

Topics: Homosexuality, Gender, Sexual orientation Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: December 9, 2012

Is Homosexuality Nature or Nurture???? Well I have decide to do my paper on one of the most controversial topics Homosexuality. There are some people think that homosexuality is nature and others think that it is nature? No one really knows what is the cause of homosexuality, But if I had to choose I truly believe that’s being Homosexual is Nature!!! I Don’t think That people choose to be Homosexual. If people know what homosexual have go through over their life time, with being bully, put down ,and looked at as being a freak or strange, I think that people would agree with me that being homosexual isn’t a choices Because those reason I just stated I can say for sure Nobody want to go through that during their life time. I Believe that there are two different things that’s happen, one I believe that There is a chemical unbalances of chromosome, And that it is past down from a family member DNA. I feel like people really don’t take the time to understand homosexuality, They just take it as something is wrong , And that the person who likes the same sex need help. I feel like us as people look at homosexuality as anything but human we don’t take the time to think that there could have been events in their lives that may have trigger these feel toward men are female, I believe that we as people all have somewhat of homosexuality inside of us. Just because we didn’t choose to act on it doesn’t mean that we all haven’t looked at a member of the same sex and thought to our self about how attractive they are!! I personal fell like homosexuality is nature because of a number of different conversations that I have had with homosexual women and men. I asked both sexes the...
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