Nature vs Nurture Concerning Homosexuality

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Bisexuality Pages: 3 (1026 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Across the world, there are several varieties of people with different sexualities. Some men prefer to be in sexual relationships with women, and some women prefer to be in sexual relationships with men. This is referred to as heterosexual, or straight, and is the traditional sexuality. However, another form of sexuality is homosexuality or gay, which is when a person desires to be in sexual relationships with those of the same gender, in other words, when a man prefers to be with men, or a woman prefers to be with women. As homosexuality continues to become more common in the world, the question of where and/or when the sexuality was determined is also growing in popularity. More specifically, the question of whether nature or nurture is the source of homosexuality. Homosexuality is more than likely determined by nature, as research supports, and it begins as early as when an infant is in the womb. The genes, heredity, and biological details of a person all play a role in the determination of his or her sexuality.

According to the article “Scans see `gay brain differences`” on the BBC News website, there are slight differences in the brain size and structure between a homosexual person`s brain and a heterosexual person`s brain. Moreover, homosexual men and heterosexual women share several similarities. For example, the size of the brain is smaller than that of a heterosexual man and a homosexual woman. In addition, gay women and straight men also share brain similarities, such as the increased number of nerve connections, on the right hemisphere of the brain, of amygdale, which is a part of the brain that is responsible for some emotions, memory, and visual learning. In comparison, heterosexual women and homosexual men were found to have more connections of amygdale on the left lobe of the brain. Amygdala directs emotion, and the changes that occur to the amount of connections in the brains of homosexuals leads...
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