Nature vs Nurture

Topics: Nature versus nurture, Tabula rasa, Human nature Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Mallory Kinney
October 11, 2014
Nature vs. Nurture

Some philosophers such as Plato and Descartes suggested that certain things are born into us, or that they simply occur naturally regardless of environmental influences. While John Locke believed everyone to start with a blank slate that allows you to become the person you are nurtured into being. This begs the question do we follow certain paths in life because we want to or because we were taught to. My nature shows that I enjoy being social and interacting with people but no one in my family has a pension for business like I do which has been influenced through my friends which would be considered nurture. When discussing my degree, I believe that nurture has played a major role in my decision to choose my college major path.

For several years in high school I thought I would get a medical degree in college but to fill in my elective credits I had no choice but to take some business classes. My teacher was Mrs. West, a short blonde haired lady, who spoke of her subject with so much passion it was hard not to love it yourself. She made the class fun and interactive, allowing everyone to have their own voice and give life to their thoughts. I only really delved further into it when I took her marketing and management class. It came so easily to me, it was clear that this was what I should be doing instead failing my biology and chemistry classes. I get to spend my days talking to people about things I’m passionate about and create a relationship with my customers through their thoughts, opinions, and wants. Depending on what you use your marketing degree for you are so much more interactive with the public than any other section of businesses. With this career path I feel excited for my future in it; because I know that there is no real end with my degree. I can work with several different types of companies and the job will stay mostly the same. It excites me to know that I can...
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