Nature vs. Nurture

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Nature versus nurture Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Nature versus nurture is a debate that is unsolved. It has been around for centuries and covers a broad range of topics from intelligence to homosexuality. Looking deeper into homosexuality, there are two main arguments.

The first is called the nature debate. It states that homosexuality stems through genetics and heredity. The twin study is one widely used in psychology, mainly because identical twins carry the same DNA. The argument with this is if you have a set of identical twins and one is homosexual and the other is not then being gay must not be related to heredity. Although some researchers believe hormones, brain structure, and genetic influences play an active role into determining sexual orientation, I contribute it to other factors.

However the nurture side of the debate is more of a person’s lifestyle based on the environmental factors. Environmental factors may refer to peer pressure, media, or even the atmosphere a person was raised in. Since genetic testing has not pinpointed a certain “gay” gene then most people deem nurture the more reliable. I agree more with the nurture side of the debate. I have always believed that our environment has superior power over our actions. Take for example, early childhood upbringing and morality. If a young boy is raised in a house full of men there is a higher chance that he will be heterosexual, but if the boy is raised with women and no strong male role models the chances of him being homosexual are higher. I interviewed a newly open lesbian lady. She is nineteen with two children and has been open about her sexuality for two months. The following is my interview with Kaylee. 1) What do you believe is the cause of you to be gay? Was it the environment you grew up in? “It was not the environment I grew up in. I don’t even think it is genetic. I was raised with four sisters and two brothers. My parents weren’t the go to church type, but they could tell you anything you needed to know about the...
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