Nature of a Child

Topics: Learning, Psychology, Problem solving Pages: 3 (706 words) Published: July 10, 2013
1. Research of nature of the child.
A child acquires learning through their curiosity, and this is one of the ways how they able to adapt surrounding which is consider being their nature. Every child is born with his or her own individual personal characteristics.  A child's learning environment can be anywhere at home, in the playground, at a friend's place, in a classroom; anywhere the child is. We grasp the fact that most of children are playful it’s their nature, in a classroom for example; if a teacher is not in control the most likely result is chaos therefore a teacher should be tightly regulated with interesting activities with significant values and should be productive. Children enjoy playing which caught their attention and lead to learning. Also they need to be told exactly what the adult expect of them as well as what will happen if they don't do what they're told. Because of this the child will be guided on what should be the right things to do though it might put pressure to them but has actually a dramatic impact to their lives. Moreover they wanted to be praise by others and one of the ways is giving them rewards or the so called reinforcement. This is common defense of educator to keep the child acting that way. These are some of the description and glimpse of understanding about nature of child because the child is view as originally an empty organism that learns to incorporate behaviors on the basis of external factors.

2. What are the inborn tendencies?
There are inborn tendencies of a child; these tendencies are the Intelligence, the Emotion, the Imitation, the Curiosity, the Gregariousness, Play, Collecting and Hoarding, the Competition and the Manipulation.

Intelligence can be defined as the learned abstract ideas; the ability to adjust to the new environment; or ones capacity to adjust thinking to new requirements as well as one’s mental adaptability to new conditions and problems in life. Intelligence is further classified by...
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