Nature of Religion and Beliefs

Topics: Religion, Avatar, 82nd Academy Awards Pages: 3 (1178 words) Published: April 20, 2012
Task 1 : Nature of Religion and Beliefs

The film ‘Avatar’ depicts a number of observable characteristics of a religious belief system. There are a number of noticeable beliefs of the Na’vi people throughout the film ‘Avatar’. Their core belief and goddess is Eywa. Eywa is the guiding force and deity of Pandora, who protects the balance of life and acts to keep the ecosystem of Pandora in perfect equilibrium. Eywa doesn’t take sides but maintains balance. Another belief of the Na’vi people is the Tree of Souls being their direct line to Eywa and connecting them with their ancestors. It is the center of Na’vi religion and culture.The roots of the tree form a special network with other trees and plants and is capable of triggering an optic link with the Na’vi . Another belief of the Na’vi people is the woodsprites (atokirina) being very pure and sacred spirits. They are sacred to the Na’vi ands are believed to be seeds of the tree of souls. These seeds are believed to be prosperous wherever they choose to rest. Because of these beliefs, the Na’vi people have a deep respect and reverence for their surrounding environment. Ewya influences the lives on the Na’vi people in various aspects. Their religion teaches that Ewya cares for the balance of nature. Because of this they live in harmony with their surroundings and see no need for technology and therefore felt that the damage done by humans in the search for minerals was foolish. The lives of the Na’vi people are influenced by the Tree of Souls as it is the closest connection to Eywa on Pandora. Because of the significance of the Tree of Souls, the Na’vi people treat it as sacred, respect it, and fight to protect it from any harm as it allows the Na’vi to unite as one and without it, it would destroy their connection with Eywa. The presence of woodsprites are signs and reminders from Eywa, and can influence the Na’vi peoples choices. ‘In avatar, many woodsprites lay on Jake Sully, resulting in Neytiri taking him...
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