Nature of Logic and Perception

Topics: Reasoning, Logic, Critical thinking Pages: 4 (1157 words) Published: June 26, 2005
Nature or Logic and Perception

1.Definition of logic and its connection with critical thinking. 2.An everyday example is given when use of logic and critical thinking takes place. 3.Nature of logic defined.
4.Perceptual shortcuts and factors influencing it.
5.How these shortcuts affect our decisions.
6.My personal experience of perceptual shortcut.
7.What I learned from this experience.
8.Importance of logic and critical thinking.

This paper is aimed at the relation logic has with perception. It kicks off with the meaning and process of logic and how it then relates to critical thinking. It further gives a very common example of how one makes a decision with the help of his/ her critical thinking. We then find out what perceptual shortcuts are and how they are formed and what influences it. The paper then goes on to explain in detail about an incident in my life where my perception of the situation was far from the actual reality. The paper wraps up with my final thoughts of how nature of logic affects thinking process.

Webster's dictionary defines logic as the science dealing with the principles of reasoning, especially of the method and validity of deductive reasoning. In layman's terms, the use of logic within our thinking allows us the ability to discern and reason logically that with which we are presented with on a daily basis. It is a process of examining and evaluating any particular idea or thought, in an effort to search for the truths that allows us to better understand or identify why we think the way we do. It enables us to more effectively express our opinions and ideas or even aid in the argument of someone else's point of view. Hence the term, Critical Thinking! It is a way in which we rationalize any given thought or idea that helps us to come to a conclusion based on the findings that support it.

For instance, before heading to work you watch the news and their morning traffic...

Bibliography: Brewer, Bill.
"Perception and Reason". Clarendon Press: Oxford, 1999. Pg no 288.
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