Nature of Evil

Topics: God, Problem of evil, Theology Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: April 26, 2005
As we continue to discuss and analyze evil in our world today and try to figure what it actually is I se that it is interpreted differently by different individuals. This variation in interpretation causes it to be necessary to come to an understanding of the nature of the problem of evil. Evil is looked at as a problem in our world today because most of us think "how can a thing like evil exist in our world today when is the exact opposite of god and what he has come to stand for". In other words Traditional theisms main function is that, there is a god. This god is omnipotent and is a perfect representation of every thing that can be considered wholly and good, but still evil exist in our world and we don't under stand how this is possible. In order to come closer to gaining an answer to this question on must first attempt to understand the nature of this problem of evil. The problem of evil shows that in essence traditional theism can be seen as positively irrational, because some of its essential doctrines are not in agreement with one another.

The first way that I look at this problem of evil is form the vantage point of it being a "logical" problem this means that the theist must look at the several beliefs that he or she may hold and be able to clarify and if possible come to reconciliation between these different beliefs. This is the initial method in which I use to understand the nature of the problem of evil. If one can some how surrender one of the propositions that comprise the problem, this problem can be solved.
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