Nature of Business Letter

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Nature of Business Letters
A letter is a written message sent to an individual or a group of people (Green and Ripley, 1998). It may either be a business letter or a social letter. business letter
Is used to transact business. Its tone and style should be formal and business like. SOCIAL LETTER
Is a friendly letter intended to convey personal messages to the people close to the writer. AIMS OF BUSINESS LETTERS
Essentially speaking, all business letters are classified as sales letters because no matter what the purpose is, you still sell something to the reader. This can be a service or idea. Hence, selling here as implied by the word business does not only involve monetary considerations but also other factors such as explanations, friendship, goodwill, apologies, acceptance, refusal, suggestion, comments, complaint, invitation, proposal, and others. More than these, they serve as a part of the country’s permanent records, written documents, and written contracts. Effective Business Letters

A business letter is not effective if it is impersonal, longwinded, and difficult to understand; when the writer utilizes overused, trite phrases and expressions, and an over-formal approach; when one or more of the following elements considered essential for standard business letters are missing: heading, inside address, salutation, body (text), complementary closing, and signature; and finally, when the layout, that is, its visual appeal and balance does not follow the standard one. Typewritten Letters VS handwritten letters

Generally speaking, all business letters should be typewritten or encoded because they are easier to read and they give the letter an official and formal look. However, there are some companies and institutions which prefer handwritten letters specifically application letters because they can reveal an aspect of the personality of the writer. FormaT

According to Dumont and Lannon (1985), format is the mechanical arrangement of words on the page; indention, margins, spacing, typeface, headings, page numbering, and division of letter sections. It contributes to the readability and general appearance of the letter which attract the reader to pay attention to it. It also influences reader’s perception of the message. FULL BLOCK STYLE

Using this style, all parts of the entire letter are left adjusted. This is considered the most popular and easiest of all the styles because the encoder or the typist is no longer concerned with indentions, thus, saving time and effort; however, this style shows an imbalanced letter. The left side seems so full while the right parts becomes barren. ________________


______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. __________________________________________.


Modified Block Style
In this type, the body of the letter is left adjusted. However, the date and complementary close begin near the center going to the right margin. This gives a balanced look to the letter.

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