Nature Nurture Debate

Topics: Eye color, Nature versus nurture, Spanish language Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Nature vs. Nurture debate.
Nature verses Nurture is concerned with what causes something to develop. It is a debate that decides if certain aspects of you as a person are from what you have been born with (genetics) or if the environment has affected you. Nature is the part where it is believed that characteristics are inherited down from the parents. The coding in each cell of us determine the different parts in us for example our eye colour. However, it is still unknown whether things like our personality, sexual orientation etc. are coded in our cells too. Examples of development effected by nature are… * What colour your hair is when you are born. Although you can die your hair, you are born with a natural colour. For example, a mother who is ginger will most likely have a ginger baby. * What colour your eyes are when you are born. Although you can wear contact lenses that change the colours of your eyes, you would have been born with one natural colour. For example a couple that both have blue eyes will highly unlikely have a baby with brown eyes. * What colour your skin is which determines where you were born for example if you were born in Jamaica you’d be dark skinned. However white people may tan a lot (on holiday or sunbeds) but they were still most likely born pale unless they have genes in them from their parents like Spanish, Italian etc. * What shoe size you are. This varies as you get older (get bigger) however once you have reached a certain size, you won’t grow anymore. If a couple both have very large feet, the child will most likely have large feet too. * Diseases/illnesses. If a mother has HIV, it will be passed down to the baby therefore the baby will be born with it and have that disease. * The height you will reach. Tall parents will most likely produce a taller child, small parents will most likely produce a smaller child. * If you are left or right handed. When a child first starts writing, they will naturally...
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