Nature Nurture

Topics: Psychology, Sociology, Human behavior Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: May 6, 2012
Introduction :
· The nature vs. nurture is debate is often related to a person’s genetic qualities ( nature ) and personal experiences ( nurture ).

· population of behaviours exhibited by humans and influenced by culture, ethics, emotions, values AND/OR genetics.

· From the sociological perspective, nurturing plays a bigger role in determining the behaviour/attitudes of a person while nature or biology only lays the foundation for behaviour.

· Debate from 3 elements – biological, psychological, sociological.

Against :
1. Tiger and Fox argued that men are naturally more aggressive and women are passive. a. Argue that 99% of history, men have been hunters and the aggression, power and leadership qualities required were built into their genes by biogramming.

b. Women were instead programmed for softness, affection and non-agression.

2. Sex differences determine that men are the breadwinners of the family as men are physically more capable while women should stay at home to bear and look after children as women are emotionally capable.

1. Sigmund Freud argued that the unconscious mind is important in understanding conscious thought and behaviour. Saw individuals as being in a conflict between their: · ego(the conscious reality-testing self)

· id(instincts and unconscious/repressed life)
· super-ego (the value internalized from parents and the wider society).



1. George Herbert Mead focuses on the development of the self and the objectivity of the world within the social realm: that "the individual mind can exist only in relation to other minds with shared meanings" (Mead 1982: 5).

2. Mead also argues that children passes through several socialization phases before becoming socially competent.

3. People learn through socialization. Without socialization, one does not learn how...
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