Nature: Mating, Romance

Topics: Human, Bonobo, Honey bee Pages: 4 (1678 words) Published: April 2, 2013
The animal kingdom is a wondrous and remarkable setting to explore and discover certain psychologically emotional behaviors and habits among the various organisms that inhabit the planet Earth. Perhaps the most fascinating creatures that come to mind are the bonobo ape (Pan paniscus), the red fox (Vulpes vulpes), the green iguana (Iguana iguana), the common honey bee (Apis mellifera), and the human being (Homo sapien). It is a miraculous phenomenon as to how these beasts, as well as others relate and differ in the fields of romance and general romantic encounters. Mating is an essential and instinctive occurrence for all concerned. However, feelings of affection and the dying art of platonic love can be just as crucial and indispensable as the reproduction process. Which of the selected animals is the most primitive with quixotic behavior? Which ones are the most analogous and the most diverse? With this segment, I intend to portray a plethora of concurrent and contradictory examples that will allow the viewer(s) to decide for themselves. Deep in the jungles of the Congo, a female bonobo ape (Pan paniscus) scurries through the African tundra in search of nourishment. The fruit is scarce but not completely diminished. Still, the ape yearns for a small animal. She spots a young duiker, and romps after it. The pursuit leads them deep into the forest. Just as she is about to take down the small mammal, a male bonobo pounces from the heavy vegetation and kills the duiker. The apes momentarily glare at each other, then instantly begin mating. Pan paniscus demonstrate a wide variety of sexual interactions, including kissing, intense tongue kissing, face-to-face copulation, oral sex, homosexual sex, and group sex. Their sexual behavior is not limited to reproduction; it seems to play an important role in maintaining peaceful relations among the members of the bonobo group. For these animals, sex is more of a greeting than a sensual and passionate activity....
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