Nature and Perception of Tattoos

Topics: Discrimination, Art, Individual Pages: 4 (1499 words) Published: October 11, 2008
The tattoo has been around since before Christ and is still to this day a highly recognized form of acceptance in the generation we live in today. Although this art is derived as accepting to our younger generation, it is perceived as unprofessional, associated to criminals, and in some cases perceived as demonic. The quick assumption of ones character due to ones personal appearance has been an ongoing issue we face in our country. Individuals who bear tattoos usually do so for a significant meaning. The art is perceived in several lights considering the history and the individual’s outlook. The history of the art of tattoos has been around since before Christ. There has been physical evidence made by archaeologist to prove the use of body art in ancient times. The use of the tattoo in ancient times was not only for religious purposes but it was also used to show stature. In ancient times the Romans used the form of a tattoo to identify slaves and criminals (Gennaro, 2007).

In today’s society individuals also associate the form of tattoos with criminal nature. Being an individual with several tattoos can lead to a misinterpretation of ones character. Society associates those who bear tattoos as being aggressive and in some cases demonic. It is important to know that some choose to bear this art as a sign of their individuality, whereas there are some who choose to bear tattoos as a sign of acceptance. The trouble is how one can tell these individuals apart. As humans we are quick to judge one another, and this makes it difficult to assume that one who chooses to have several tattoos is a good individual with a good family background. I believe the perception is determined by ones willingness to accept tattoos as a form of art. Those who do not look at this as a form of art will be quick to judge and assume the character of the individual with tattoos.

Discrimination is something that has plagued our country for centuries. Individual’s who choose to bear...

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