Naturalistic Observation

Topics: Birth order, Developmental psychology, Sibling Pages: 4 (1415 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Attentive Behavior of children
Pollyanna Craig
Medgar Evers College

Author Notes
Pollyanna Craig, Psychology 209
Medgar Evers College
This is a research completed using Naturalistic Observation based on the attentiveness of children. Any correspondence should be addressed to

Dr. Lashley
Section: 0956

Naturalistic Observation refers to collections of data without manipulation of the environment. The mean goal of naturalistic observation in Psychology is to study the behavior of an organism or human in natural settings. In psychology, naturalistic observation has been used in many different studies, some includes mother infant interactions, classroom behaviors children in different types of play and social norms in public settings. This research will is to observe one child’s attentive towards her little sister when left alone in a room. This observation will be recorded. Specifically, it involves the observation of a young girl name Shermeka and she is seven years ok. Her behavior was observed in an unobtrusive manner. The aim of this experiment is to evaluate the amount of attentiveness Shermeka shows to her sister to in a time need such as doing homework, helping each other and while playing.

The attentive behavior of children
Naturalistic observation involves recording a subject’s occurring behavior while they are in their natural environment Goodwin, C.J. (2004). This method of observation will allow you to study the subject and form an outline, hypotheses and further within study, a conclusion. Should young children be attentive? The word attentive, when define from different sources; outcome results are the same. (Dictionary 2000) To be attentive is giving care or attention, even being watchful. (Holman publishers, 1979), looking at the bible, to be Attentiveness (Proverbs 12:15; Mark 4:21-25; 16:24; Hebrews 2:1; James 1:19-25)is a person that will recognize the value of other people by giving...
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