Natural Selection vs Human Intervention

Topics: Natural selection, Evolution, Life Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Oliveros, Juliene Ana Dusha R. 2011-031128

3PSED2 July 11, 2013

“Evolution by natural selection is now replaced by evolution through human intervention.” Evolution has been one of the big topics on the science part of the world. Through years, there has been many debates on not the idea of evolution but by which process(es) it undergoes. There is the natural and artificial selections. I take I have enough knowledge to distinguish both sides of the argument and to take my stand which would be somewhere right in the middle, leaning more on the natural selection side. It is quite easy for me to choose between artificial and natural. Although I am aware that in this generation, we are exposed to such artificial choices which prove to be of much more convenience to the majority, I still believe that natural is always the best way. Natural is more real and original. In a much more abstract sense, natural provides more meaning. It is pretty much a fight between ‘what things can be but not necessarily should be’ and ‘what things are really in the first place’. On the talk of evolution, natural selection gives the same general sense and feeling. It’s basically how the cycle goes, without intentions and preferences. Human intervention, with the military sense included, has force. The choice is created, not given, to a man. Cloning has been disliked by so many simply because it is against the ideals of humanity. It is considered a shortcut or even cheating life. It is too easy therefore it gives fear and prejudice amongst the majority, especially the ones who do not know much about it. I am one of those people who once hated the idea of cloning or even any big artificial processes that play around human lives. But the more I learned about cloning, the more I understood its benefits. I’m not talking about the easy access, though. Surprisingly and quite ironically enough, cloning has its medical value(s). More importantly, it has given the opportunity to help endangered...
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