Natural Resources of Bangladesh

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Curriculum Vitae
My strengths: [pic] I am a bachelor of medical science, completed medical graduation from MAG Osmany Medical College, Sylhet. I am now doing (last semester), Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from State University, Bangladesh on Reproductive Health.

I have work experiences in clinical sector as Director Medical Services for more than 2 years at Fulshind Pollishastho Unnayan Kendro(a project of BRAC) and 2 years 6 months working experience as Clinic Manager at Sylhet Samaj Kallaan sangstha,(a project of NSDP),Sylhet. Along with the general duty of being a medical Director I also provided treatment to emergency cases, issued medical certificate to sick patients, and attended monthly review meetings. At the same time I was also performing procedures, monitoring, and treatment outdoor and indoor patients and supervising the treatment, providing follow up and keeping records of the advice given to the patients. Supervising and guiding the nursing staff and ward attendants was also part of my job responsibility and which tested my ability to perform skillfully in standard protocols and adapt to new surroundings. Even under significant pressure, I possess a strong ability to perform effectively.

During my appointment as Medical Officer at “Safe motherhood project” (A project of FPAB,Sylhet) I have obtained practical experiences dealing with a wide range of medical cases. Treating male, female and pediatric patients of indoor and outdoor patient department, conducting NVD, assisting C/S and managing complication of all indoor patient was a part of my job.

While working as Program Manager (RSHR) at BWHC, I had the experience on proposal writing, designing, supervising and monitoring the field operations, providing training to the field team on data collection tools, coordinating the fieldwork, data management, assuring data quality, conducting interview and discussion sessions, monitoring, survey and reporting to the supervisor. Progressive learning over the last 10 years and working in different environment and different clinical setup had enabled my managerial and leadership ability; strengthened inter personal relationship with good communication skill and report writing.

I am sound in working with Microsoft Office (Word, Power Point, and Excel), SPSS, Endnote, and Internet browsing and operating any software.

My Detailed information:

|Title: | |Dr. | | | |First name: | |Taslima | | | |Middle name: | | | |...
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