Natural Environment and Young People

Topics: Natural environment, Childhood, Youth Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: August 18, 2013
EYMP3-2.3 Demonstrate and evaluate how the environment, both inside and outside, and equipment and materials are checked and used to ensure safety.

In my setting the following factors are taken into account when planning safe indoor and outdoor environments:

• The individual needs, age and abilities of the children and young people

• Specific risks to individuals such as Autism, staff-pregnancy, sensory impairments

• The function and purpose of environments and services offered

• The duty of care

• Desired outcomes for the children and young people

• Lines of responsibility and accountability.

In my setting every activity has to be planned: This means that you also need to plan for the unexpected or unusual to happen and always be alert. Therefore, when planning an activity I make sure the place of what I plan to do with the Children is the right environment for the activity for example if I was using bikes and scooters in the play area outside in the playground,

Firstly I would ensure that the equipment; such as bikes and scooters are in safe and good working condition. Secondly, I would ensure the bikes and scooters are used in the proper manner and with plenty of space. I would also ensure that the main gates to the setting are closed so that no Child or young person would go out without my knowledge. I would provide safety equipment such as helmets and knee pads. My colleague helps me to support those children who are only still learning to learn to ride a tricycle. When using outdoor environments I make sure the plants around are not in the way.

Once I planned an activity of going to a park, I tried to make sure that there is no dog or cat mess around. I also ensure I went to areas of the park where the hard ground is even and rubbish is removed on a daily basis, and that I was familiar with.

I am aware that a varied environment supports Children and Young people’s learning and...
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