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`For any human being, no other word encapsulates as much horror, misery, helplessness and doom as the term “Natural Disaster”. A natural disaster is any event of force of nature that is caused by environmental factors that has catastrophic consequences. Every year they not only decimate thousands of people and their properties but end entire blood lines. These calamities wreak havoc in the part of the world it chooses to act upon. Over the centuries various types of natural disasters or “Acts of god” have stolen human lives. Several criterions such as damage, loss of lives or the amount of money that it takes to rebuild are usually used to rank these incidents. However the following ten natural disasters have been selected as the most common natural disasters around the world on the basis of the global frequency of occurrence.  Statistics from the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR), an organization headed by the United Nations secretary for humanitarian affairs has been used in this article for rating the various natural disasters. The statistics cover the years from 1970-2005.  

10).Insect Infestation (1%)

As Wikipedia defines; the term “infestation” refers to parasitic diseases caused by animals such as arthropods (i.e. mites and ticks), lice, and worms but excluding those caused by protozoa, fungi, and bacteria.In simpler words it is the spreading or swarming in of various kinds of insects over or in a troublesome manner.This disaster results in anxiety, various secondary infections and financial hardships. The rise in infestations has been hard to track because bed bugs are not an easily identifiable problem. Since most of the statistics related to this disaster have been collected through pest-control companies, local authorities, and hotel chains instead of some proper authority, the situation may be worse than is currently believed.  

9).Volcanoes (1.7%)

No other natural disaster cause as many health impacts as a volcanic eruption. Not only are they a threat for a population living in the potential range of a volcano, they can also cause serious problems even in areas thousands of kilometers away through airborne dispersion of gases and ash. The lava produced during the eruption of a volcano can destroy many buildings and plants it encounters. Volcanic ash generally meaning the cooled ash – may form a cloud, and settle thickly in nearby locations. When mixed with water this forms a concrete-like material. In sufficient quantity ash may cause roofs to collapse under its weight but even small quantities will harm humans if inhaled. Of all the people killed by volcanoes between 1975 and 2000, 86% died in Colombia. Volcano-related deaths occurred most frequently in Indonesia in the last few years.  

8).Wildfires (3.4%)

As we all know the direct effects of any type of  fire on human health is burns and smoke inhalation. In case of forest fires Loss of vegetation on slopes is also accompanied leading to soil erosion and increased risk of landslides, often exacerbated when an urban population expands into surrounding hilly and wooded areas. Air pollution is another concern related to wildfires.  

7). Extreme temperature (3.5%)

In recent times there have been a significant increase in the number of deaths caused by extreme temperature. Heat waves can kill. And the best example of it is the, July 1995 heat wave in Chicago, USA, which caused almost 514 heat related and 3300 excess emergency admissions. . On the other hand the major causes of winter death are cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, circulatory and respiratory diseases. The major problem with this natural disaster is the lack of any standard definition of a heat wave or documentation of impacts of temperature extremes. 6).Landslides (5.1%)

It is the downward and outward movement of slope forming materials composed of rocks, salts, artificial fills or combination of all these materials along surfaces of separation by falling,...
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