Natural Based Insecticides

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n addition to polluting the environment and disturbing the food chain, a worrying issue with repeated use of the same insecticide over a period of time is development of resistance power by the household insects. Consequently, we are left with more resistant pests and insects to deal with. To reduce these negative outcomes, a perfect solution is to learn organic insecticide recipe, which you can try out at home with readily available supplies. The following info is all about homemade insecticide recipe for your reference.

Natural Insecticide # 1: Garlic Spray
For natural insect repellent recipe with garlic, chop garlic cloves (3 ounces) and soak the pieces in mineral oil (2 tablespoons) for one night. For added effectiveness, stir in fish emulsion (1 teaspoon) in the garlic mixture. Strain the liquid part and store it in an airtight glass container. While using, dilute one part of this natural insect repellent with 20 parts water and spray to the plants.

Natural Insecticide # 2: Tomato Leaf Extract
Tomato leaf is excellent for controlling insect and pest infestations in flowering plants. For this natural pest control recipe, you will need leaves of a mature tomato plant, 4 pints water and 1 teaspoon cornstarch. First, blend the tomato leaves in a mixer and stir the extract with cornstarch and water. Using a sprayer, apply this mixture to rose and other flowering plants.

Natural Insecticide # 3: Saline Water
If you notice spider mites and cabbage worms, the best to use natural insecticide for vegetable garden is salt water. Prepare a natural insecticide recipe by dissolving 4 tablespoons salt in 2 gallons of water. Apply this saline solution to kill the said garden pests. Salt is also commonly used in natural herbicide recipe, but remember that applying a highly concentrated salt solution will negatively affect the soil condition in the area.

Natural Insecticide # 4: Neem Oil
Neem (Azadirachta indica) possesses natural pest repellent properties,...
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