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What preparations are taken in our country to save people and wealth during natural calamities? Bangladesh is a disaster-prone country of an area of about 1, 47,570 sq. km. with population nearing 140 million. Bangladesh becomes the worst victim of natural calamities causing colossal loss of lives and properties. Most of the people of this country are very poor. It is predominantly an agricultural country. The economy largely depends on weather. Major disasters that occur in Bangladesh are: tropical cyclone, tidal bore, flood, tornado, river bank erosion, and earthquake etc. the Government of Bangladesh has undertaken a lot of plans and programs for disaster reduction through disaster management. They are given below 1. The Government of Bangladesh initiated a project "Support to Comprehensive Disaster Management" in 1993 with overall goal to reduce the human, economic and environmental costs of disaster in Bangladesh. 2. the Government of Bangladesh with its own and external resources has so far constructed 1,841 cyclone shelters and 200 flood shelters for evacuation of people exposed to impending cyclone as well as flood. 3. People from all over the country and outside of the country contribute to save the people during natural calamities. During SIDR many people send funds to save the affected people.

Discuss the contributions of painters in Bangladesh
Painters played a notable role during the country’s war of independence in 1971, they are afforded little recognition. Some artists participated directly in the front line against the Pakistani army and their local collaborators while many artists made contributions in creating public opinion in favor of the independence of Bangladesh.  At least four valiant artists—Shahabuddin Ahmed, Abul Barq Alvi, Imrul Chowdhury and Manoj Kanti Mitra – proved their gallantry in the battle field against the occupational forces in different sectors. Shahabuddin Ahmed was one of the platoon commanders in sector 2 ‘He...
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