Native Speakers and Non-Native Speakers

Topics: English language, Student, Second language Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: April 26, 2013
English is spoken as an official language in the world. Therefore, many international students come to America to study English. Because Hawaii does not have a serious racism problem, many Asians choose Hawaii for study abroad. Kapiolani Community College has many international students. Those international students have to take the same courses as native English speakers to get a college degree. International students should get some advantages because they are ESL students. However, some teachers have a same expectations of non-native speakers as native speaking students. Many Asian students choose to study business, economics, hospitality and tourism, and English as their major. Those majors’ instructors have many non-native speakers in class. Many instructors have the same expectation of ESL students as they do of native English speaking students. However, some instructors do not have the same expectation. For example, my friend took Geography 102 last semester. Geography 102 has many reading materials and requires a lot of memorization. Because my friend is a international student, she had to spend more time to complete a homework and study than native English speakers. She decided to have a meeting with her instructor. When she explained her situation to her teacher, he gave her a study guide for her exams and quizzes which had almost same answers as the exams and quizzes she took during class. That study guide helped her to get an A in class, but it is not fair for native English speakers. I did not get any advantages as an international student at Kapiolani Community College. All my teachers treated me like same as native English speakers even though I wanted to get some advantages. For example, I am taking family resources this semester. I have to summarize each chapter every week and also have to explain how I will apply each chapter of information to my personal life. I always try my best to get a good grade. However, my instructor checks grammar,...

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