Native Son

Topics: Male, Gender, Female Pages: 3 (1205 words) Published: May 9, 2012
Richard Wright lived through the period when blacks and whites were separated by an indestructible line; he wrote Native Son as a canvas to express his opinion on the rising problem of racial differences. Although freed from slavery, blacks were limited and trapped in the world of impossibility and desperation. There were little opportunities for colored people to improve or even choose how to live their lives. The book is focused on racism and since it pointed out the hot topic so offensively, but spectacularly, racism was thought to be the only message that Wright wanted to convey. However, if observed carefully, the reoccurrences of sexism that intertwined within the story became visible and obvious. Wright portrayed male characters as dominant and superior, while females are silent due to their inferior status. Although Native Son is traditionally thought of as a representative novel of racism, it also explores sexism and the effects such suppression has on its victims. In the novel, Wright portrayed sexism by giving supremacy to male characters. The males held the power to make a difference, to give influence, or to make an impact in the society. During the tragic murder of Mary Dalton, only men; the police, Britten and news reporters, contributed to the case. This group of men has the authority to control any matters associating with the murder. Britten, being in the group, has the power to put anyone under suspicion. Mr. Dalton hires him with hope and faith that he could uncover the face of the cold-blooded murderer. The Daltons trust in Britten’s ability and rely on him. When Mr. Dalton finds the ransom note, he calls Britten and begs him to ‘come right over’ (Wright 178). However, society relies on him and gives him the privilege of being responsible for a murder case only because he is a man. Moreover, the news reporters, a group of all males, have the ability to make everyone believe what they want. They have the power to control...
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