Native Sign Language Research Paper

Topics: Communication, Native Americans in the United States, World War II Pages: 3 (639 words) Published: October 5, 2011
Sign language started off to effectively help the different native tribes understand one another. It has now grown into a beneficial language without sound for the hearing impaired.

Between Tribes

When tribes would come in contact with one another, they didn’t use the same spoken language. So in order to understand each other efficiently they used sign language. “I have meet Comanche’s, Kiowa’s, Apaches […] Potawatomie’s and other tribes whose vocal languages […] we did not understand and we communicated freely in sign language.” (Chief Little Raven, Arapahoe, ) It helped not only the gap of communication, but also formed an important bond between people. It is also a language with a profound beauty as well as functionality. Whatever the case was to communicate with other tribes they did not use the art of speech nor the written language, they used the silent language. Sign as in signing but also si as in silent. As for the Europeans back then communicated with other in speech and writing. “the whites have had the power given them by the great spirit to read and write, and convey information in this way. He gave us the power to talk with our hands and arms, and send information with the mirror, blanket and pony far away […]” (Chief Iron Hawk, Sioux, Meaning that the native tribes communicated well with each other in sign language, even if they had only meet once in their life time.

The use of Communication
In the native sign language there is no verb conjugations’ or person

The natives communicate with sign language mostly when gone hunting or at war. It was an efficiently silent when watching they’re pray. When hunting it was important to stay silent, so they used sign language not to flee they’re pray. This language was taught to children before they could even speak. As it is a good idea to prepare your future warriors and hunters. So then when...

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