Native Americans vs. Early Europeans

Topics: Culture, Native Americans in the United States, United States Pages: 3 (986 words) Published: October 23, 2005
The English settlers developed a selection of stereotypes against the Native Americans, ranking them as uncivilized and thus making it easier on themselves to lead the culture into their impossible situation, where the Natives have no choice but to either fight and lose or sit and do nothing, however if assimilation could have occurred through education or social structure the final outcome could have been mutually just for the two civilizations.

The early European influences, or prejudices directly linked themselves to the final outcome of the cultural elimination of the Native Americans. The English settlers called the Natives "Savages" and labeled them as uncivilized. Several times John Smith, in his works calls the Natives evil and compares them to the devil with their so-called occult like behavior. These prejudices just allowed for more hate and greed to develop in the English settlers. Even in Crevicure, the author clearly labels the European settlers as the Americans and not even putting into mind the Blackfeet and other Natives who had lived on the land for thousands of years. This ignorance to acknowledge another culture other than their own just shows how easily the prejudice dipictions made it for them to kick the other civilization right out of the picture, making them basically obsolete.

The prejudices and stereotypes of the settlers led the Blackfeet and others to a bad point in their history; in this impossible situation the Natives are faced with a decision, whether to fight and lose or sit and wait for it to be over. In Fool's Crow, Owl Child and Three Bears have a verbal duel over which way to go. Owl Child says we must fight now and destroy these Napikwans or white people. However Three Bears says it is too dangerous and we should compromise. In a way Owl Child is right, they have been "trying to make a compromise" with the Napikwans for years and have even produced several treaties but the situation still exist. Three Bears knows in his...
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