Native Americans in the United States and African American Cowboys

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Cowboy, Western United States Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Tenzin Dolkar
APUSH, DAY-2-2 TO WHOM AND TO WHAT EXTENT WAS THE AMERICAN WEST A LAND OF OPPORTUNITY 1865 - 1890 During the year of 1865 to 1890, the American’s west land was a land of economic development for Native American, white settlers from the east across the Mississippi farmers, miners, ranchers and as well as African American cowboys and immigrants for Irish and Chines, moving west for goal of economic achievement and their position for profit. First, the Native Americans people opened the way of exploitation of the west land naturel environment. The Dawes Act, which turned Indians into landowners and farmers and distributed 160 acres for farming, designed Indians as individual rather than a group of tribes. The railroad made their trip easier, which Pacific Railroad Act was passed in 186, law allowed construction of new transportation systems. The Act also provided grants of land and limited jobs for immigrants’ worker on railroad, especially Chines immigrants worked for a lower wage and discovered millions of gold and silvers. The immigrants worked for a wealthy white settler in the west. Moreover, the railroad opened faster access for transportation for castles, miners and all the peoples, who were making money. Including the Homestead Act was passed; its offered 160 acres of land for any settlers live on the land for five or more years with little registration fees. It helped poor people to achieve economic business and farmers who needed more land, were permitted to purchase of up to 160 acres of land for $2.50. The farmers took advantage of Westland by doing international market, which mostly depended on railroads for shipment. Even farmers had difficulties of weather conditions, the produced the agricultural business by the Bonanza farm. The farmers were hopes to getting rich soon. Together with the...
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