Native American View of the European

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, Great Plains Pages: 3 (1110 words) Published: September 13, 2013
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Native American view of the European

The Native American’s culture was extremely different from the culture of the Europeans. Both had different traditions and way of life, everything from the clothing they wore, the food that they ate and the different gods that they worship. All was an influence from how they have adapted to their environment and to the other people around them. The very foundation of both cultures was so distinctive that war and chaos was sure to come. Throughout history war and conflict had been started over things such as skin color, religion and way of living, all because both side had a different culture or beliefs. That the difference in the culture was what started the demise of the Native American. The culture of the Native American was inferior to the Europeans, in that they didn’t have the knowledge in science and the advance in weaponry that gave the European an advantage over them. “The white men despise and cheat the Indians” (Tecumseh 557). That they kept taking advantage of the Indians kindness and took more and more of the Indians’ lands until they had taken over the whole country. Forcing the Indians onto reservation and limited their movement to that amount of space. This later cause some of the settlers to have fear the Indians as they saw them moving about following the buffalo and other herds of animals they use as their food supply. They view the Indians as a threat and try to keep them under control by forcing them into further west toward the Great Plains where they were not use to the terrain and the surrounding. Everything the Native American did was from what they had known from their way of life. The European had wars with other countries for territory and power. That all over Europe countries were finding and grabbing colonies to find gold and gain more power over the surrounding countries. There was no different with the land that the Native American had. While the Native American only...

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