Native American Treaties

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Native American Treaty Assignment

The Creek Nation Indian tribe has an impactful relationship with, and against the United States government. I chose to look at treaties signed in 1802 and 1814. I was interested to see what would change in both the language and the provisions of the documents, since one treaty was made as a guide and agreement for land concession for services, while the second was a direct result of wartime actions surrounding the War of 1812. The United States entered into numerous treaties with the Creek Nation Tribe(s). The Oklahoma State digital library lists 21 treaties directly, with one of those listed as being unratified. (OK State Dig Lib) These span over seventy-five years, and specifically notes 1790, 1796, 1802, 1805, 1814, 1818, two in 1821, two in 1825, 1826, 1827, 1832, 1833, 1838, 1845, 1854, 1856, 1866, and with others in the Indian Territory in 1865. The first treaty I chose was from June 16, 1802, and is considered a “Treaty of Limits” between the USA and the Creek Nation of Indians. Thomas Jefferson was the president at that time, and there were four main aspects to the agreement. Essentially, the United States of America requested that the Nation cede certain tracts of land, beneficial to the US, and with the agreement that the United States could establish garrisons where they desired in order to protect the frontiers. In exchange for the considerations and the permanent relinquishment of those lands and claims, the United States agreed to pay the nation several types of compensation. First was an annual monetary sum of $3000.00 every year indefinitely to the Creek Nation, with an additional $1000.00 per year to the chiefs who administer the governmental services to the tribe. Also provided in the treaty was the sum of $25,000.00, to be distributed in parts as merchandise and goods, the satisfaction of debts the Nation owed, and the satisfaction of individual loss of property claims against the tribe by...
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