Native American Paper

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Native American Storytelling Paper

Rashmi Price


August 26, 2013
Dr. Gregory Beatty

Native American Storytelling Paper

Native American literature is considered by many as the traditional written and oral literature of Native cultures around the world. Many of these literatures are transmitted over periods of time by storytellers. This particular literature has many features that includes a mixture of oral tradition techniques along with tribal mythology. The majority of these historic manuscripts of the Native Americans is deeply rooted in symbolic and mythic standards. This assignment will focus on how Native American literature is rooted in storytelling. The selected text of choice for the assignment is “Indian Boarding School: The Runaways” by Louise Erdrich and “She Had Some Horses” by Joy Harjo When it comes to Native American Literature the tradition of storytelling was well-known throughout the Native culture. In the place of written language and in order for Native Americans to explain and record their history, the individuals in different tribes purely depended on the verbal language to share customs, rituals, history, and legends through their intense stories. Many of the tales/stories were very powerful and were frequently told by the elders of each tribe. This tradition was often enforced by tribal elders to ensure that the younger generation would become knowledgeable of their tribe’s traditions/cultures and continue on with the legacy for many generations to come. These stories were not just related to the history of Native tribes, but it was a way for them to preserve and entertain the people in their culture as well. When the stories were being told, there seemed to be a breath of life within the culture that refined the verbal language, and gave significance to the history of tribes. All of the stories told were about life lessons that had taught tribes about honor, leadership, and love. When it came...

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