Native American Myth Analysis

Topics: Family, Tears, Crying Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Native American Myth Analysis
2. The tribe of this myth is the Blackfoot tribe. The title of this myth is The Orphan Boy and The Elk Dog. The story begins by introducing an orphan boy and named Long Arrow and his sister. Long Arrow is deaf and the people of the village want nothing to do with him. Only his sister loves him but she is adopted by a family in another village leaving him all alone. Then people of the village decided it was time to go to another location because the game near them had been hunted out. They told the boy that they did not want him to go with them. The boy did not go with them but he realised that if he didn’t follow them he would starve. He began to frantically follow the path they had left whilst crying, stumbling and panting when all of a sudden a popping sound occurred in his ears and a worm like thing came out of them and for the first time he could hear everything and his hearing was excellent. He ends up finding his people and the old chief Good Running feels bad for having left him so he offers him food. He takes notice that the boy is no longer deaf so he adopts Long Arrow as his grandson. Long Arrow grows up a fine young man but people in the village can not seem to forget the past. He asks his grandfather what great thing he can do to make him proud and Good Running says to go bring back an Elk Dog. Long Arrow goes on this journey to try and return with an Elk Dog and he eventually finds a grand lake with a boy that tells him he can find the Elk Dogs here. He is led to the boys Grandfather and after spending days there he leaves and begins the journey home. On his way there a few Elk Dog appear on his left. He mounts one of them and continues on his way home. When he gets to the village the people are at first scared but he calls for his grandfather and Good Running cries tears of joy because he thought Long Arrow was long lost. Because he brought the Elk Dogs his people became “bold riders of the Plains and soon could...
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