Native American Mascots: Racial Slur or Cherished Tradition?

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, United States Constitution Pages: 3 (981 words) Published: October 7, 2010
Native American Mascots: Racial Slur or Cherished Tradition? Is using Native American mascots offensive or defensive? Some people say that using Native American names is offensive because they think that they represent the name in a bad way so people tend to think bad about Native Americans. While other people think that it’s a good thing that they use their names because they honor the Native Americans and show their strengths and not their weaknesses. Some Native Americans like the fact that they use their nicknames they don’t have a problem with it. But other Native Americans think it’s bad because it doesn’t represent them and just puts down there culture and beliefs.

Some Native Americans believe that there nicknames are being made fun of or they are bringing up a bad representation of their tribes. “Their pride is being mocked,” Matthew Beaudet, an attorney and president of the Illinois Native American Bar Association, explained in “More Than a Mascot,” an article that appeared in the newsletter, School Administrator. “The Native American community is saying we know you’re trying to flatter us, but we’re not flattered, so stop.” They also believe that by businesses using their tribes for their logos that they are bringing down the self-esteem of Native American and they don’t even know when there being insulated anymore. According to the Sports Illustrated survey, 87 percent of American Indians who lived off Indian reservations did not object to Native American mascots or nicknames. Of the Indians who lived on reservations, 67 percent were not bothered by the nicknames, while 33 percent opposed them.

The last major conflict between American Indians and U.S. troops was the Battle of Wounded Knee in South Dakota on December 29, 1890. All Indians became American citizens on June 15, 1924. Today there are 1,937,391 American Indians living in the United States. In the past couple years; the U.S. Department of Justice has investigated a couple of...

Cited: Emert Raybin, Phyllis, “Native Americans Mascots: Racial Slur or Cheroshed Tradition. Mirror On America Ed. Joan T. Mims and Elizabeth Nollen 4th Edition Boston: Bedford/St. Martins. Pages 364-367. Print 1999-2007
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