Native American Mascots

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Native American mascot controversy, United States Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Josh Nersissian
Mrs. Kolus
English, Pd. 3
11 September 2012
Native American Mascots
Redskins, Braves, Indians, and Chiefs; they’re just mascot names not racist remarks. People find using these names as team mascots derogatory and insulting. Others don’t mind it, they think of it as tradition and don’t want the names removed. On the contrary, Native American Mascots being used in sports teams is considered disrespect to several. This should not be an issue because they do not ridicule their race and shouldn’t be found offensive.

Many people see a problem in our sports teams today. These teams have mascots that offend some people and should be removed according to many. Teams like the Redskins and Chiefs are found racist to Native Americans. Native Americans find them as representing wrong historic symbols according to an article written by the NCRSM board of directors. They are also defiling and dishonoring the Native American race by the clownish figures representing in football teams fans, said in the article “The Indian Wars.” People think that these mascots are racist and should be removed. Some people think that it is as harsh as calling one a nigger. This was stated by Billy Mills, the former runner who won a gold medal in the 10,00 meters at the 1964 Olympics. Obviously there are others that think this is not as much of a problem. Although some say that these mascot names are rude, others find no problem with them. In the article “The Indian Wars,” Leigh J. Kuwanwisiwma, director of the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office in Kykutsmovi, stated “I don’t see anything wrong with Indian nicknames as long as they’re not meant to be derogatory.” This article discusses how people find these mascots offensive but it also shows how much more don’t care or don’t mind these mascots at all. A survey was taken and over 60% of Native Americans said that they don’t care team nicknames. If Native Americans aren’t by these mascots, then what is the...

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