Native American Culture

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Flute, Flautist Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: May 23, 2012
I attended the Native Indian Workshop in Montgomery College, Rockville that was conducted by Ron Warren on November 17th at three p.m Peters. Ron Avery had a lot to teach us about the native American culture but on that specific occasion, he was teaching us about the history of the different native American flutes, their tonal differences and their traditional history by tribe. Ron Warren explained to us that America has gotten to recognize some of the native American practices such as Thanksgiving day which Ron warren explained is a complete importation from their culture. Pow wows have now become almost completely open to the public. Now for river flutes, Ron warren explained from his cultural background (Cherokee) , they believe that there (Lakota flute story) was a man whose family members died – actually native Indians do not believe in death they believe their loved ones pass onto the spirit world. So when his close family member moved on, he became so depressed, it was difficult for people to be around him and so people avoided him. One day a woodpecker called him to a river and showed the man some good reeds to make the flute. The woodpecker pecked holes into the reed and it became a flute. And everytime the man played the flute, his spirit felt better. So in their culture flutes are used for healing in the Cherokee Indians. Another subtribe, believe (River cane flute). There was this man who found a woman he loves. Now an elk was the love medicine. This guy didn’t find an elk and he slept in the forest while looking for it. Now woodpecker came to this man and showed him how to make flutes from cedar and turn them into love medicines. And thus this tribe use flute for courting and marriage. This culture believe the cedar flute is very sacred because it comes from a living organism and thus when tree dies, A man should go to the woods and listen to the tune the tree will give him and not try to impose his will on the flute. Flutes vary in tune as it has...

Bibliography: Warren, Ron. “NATIVE INDIAN CULTURE.” Montgomery College World Arts Festival. 4/6/2012
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