Native american children diversity

Understanding Children and Adolescents in Selected Cultural Groups: Native American Children in the United States
Cassidy Krauskopf
Adrian FarruggiaCaitlin Anderson
Texas Tech University
To be successful in teaching Native American students it is critical that teachers find ways to raise students’ self-esteem. Starting with several ways, including expecting all of your students to succeed, emphasizing strengths, having a comfortable classroom, giving students respect and always holding a relationship with your students, while also including Native American literature, art, culture, values and activities in the curriculum and making sure they maintain pride within their heritage. A major challenge that is faced is the historical effect of education that is resulting in the loss of culture and is an opportunity for racism to be introduced. Another problem faced is that effect of peer pressure on culture while these Native American children are in a setting where they are the minority. With this peer pressure on their culture, there is also the racism factor that is still very real within society and children of Native American descent face this everyday because of their differences. Stereotypes of the Native American father being the lazy one of the families is something that has changed along with many other factors and the roles within these families have become more equal with them spending their time on their plantation. The stereotypes and racism are still something we see in todays society but as they begin to change their ways and diversity within this culture begins to become more acknowledged prejudice will begin to decrease. Native Americans were the first individuals to live in America. As soon as settlers came they pushed Native American out of their land in order to control it as their own. Native Americans tried to fight back but this was a very difficult task because they were unarmed and didn’t have the weaponry that the English had....
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