Nationalism in Eu

Topics: Germany, Nationalism, French Revolution Pages: 4 (1380 words) Published: February 21, 2011
Q.1: How did Nationalism and the idea of the Nation-State emerge?    Ans: Till mid-eighteenth century most of the people around world did not have concept of nationalism i.e. about their nationality, their national identity etc. This is because at that time nations did not exist in their modern form. People lived within kingdoms, small states, principalities, chiefdoms and not within nations. The first clear expression of nationalism came with the French Revolution in 1789. Thus, the idea of nationalism emerged in Europe and developed over a long period of time. It was a process that took many decades, involved many wars and revolutions, many ideological battles and political conflicts. The idea of nationalism emerged among the working-class population and liberal-minded educated middle class comprising of industrialists, professionals, artists, businessmen etc. which resulted into the creation of the nation - state in place of the multi-national dynastic empires of Europe.      Q.2: Discuss the importance of language and popular traditions in the creation of national identity. Ans: The language and popular traditions of a particular region or country give the feeling of shared past and common thread which played an important role in the growth of national identity. They bind all the people by the thread of togetherness and pride. They give them the feeling of being culturally one, hence, they perceive the sentiment of nationally one and united. We have also studied how romanticism helped in the growth of nationalism in Europe. Hence, language and traditions had a great role and importance in the creation of national identity.    Q.3: Describe the cause of the Silesian weavers’ uprising. Comment on the view-point of the journalist. Ans: The cause of the Silesian weavers’ uprising was lower payments for the job done.Contractors, who gave the raw materials and took away, finished textiles from the weavers, paid very less money for the latter’s services. When the...
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