Nationalism DBQ

Topics: World War I, Italy, Balkans Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: December 1, 2013
Jacqueline Yordt
Mr. Linton
Global Studies
5 March 2013

During the time of the French Revolution, the French peoples expressed great pride in their nation. Eventually nationalism spread to other people, inspiring uprisings across Europe and in Latin America. In the 1860’s, the unification of Italy was lead by nationalism. By the year 1871, Germany had united as well. Outside of Europe, nationalist movements took root in India, Turkey and various other places. Amongst the Jews, a movement arose to create a separate Jewish state in Palestine. As the 1800’s drew to an end, nationalistic forces created tensions in the Balkans that served as a catalyst for a world war. Revolution and war in the late 1700’s created a strong sense of national unity in France. This feeling inspired French armies to success on the battlefield as they fought to spread the ideas of their Revolution. According to Document #1, the French people felt very strongly of their country, many of which are described in Levee en Masse. Also in Document #2, the feeling of pride is clearly stated in their anthem (Marseillaise). Napoleon also inspired nationalism amongst the nations he conquered. However, these nationalistic feelings encouraged these conquered people to rise up against Napoleon. During the years following the French Revolution, nationalism led to disaster in Europe and elsewhere. Nationalism was not always positive; it also served as a source of conflict in the Balkan peninsula of southeastern Europe. During the 1800’s, the Ottoman Empire still ruled much of the area, which was considered home for various groups. These groups were the Serbs, Greeks, Bulgarians, and Romanians. In the 1800’s, nationalistic groups in the Balkans rebelled against the rule of foreigners. Nations in Europe hoped to gain land from the Ottoman Empire. France, Great Britain, Austria-Hungary and Russia all formed an alliance and designed wars in order to gain territory from the Ottoman Empire. A...
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