Nationalism And Sectionalism In The 1800's

Topics: United States, Industrial Revolution, Globalization, Economics, International trade, Capitalism / Pages: 2 (413 words) / Published: Mar 12th, 2017
Imagine what our country would be like without nationalism and sectionalism. Nationalism and sectionalism have gone back to the 1800’s and continue to go through our country. Two examples of nationalism are the building of roads and canals and the Monroe Doctrine. Each of those brought pride to our country, along with bringing the United States together. An act of sectionalism was the Missouri Compromise. The Missouri Compromise divided our country.
Building roads and canals helped build nationalism through the 1800’s. According to the National Geographic Society canals allowed produce to move along them. Canals were also a faster way for states to trade with each other. National Geographic Society also claims that roads helped people communicate

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