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National Tv Turnoff Week

Oct 08, 1999 744 Words
Every year thousands of people across the nation turn off their television for seven days to celebrate National TV-Turnoff Week. During this week people are supposed to take time to reflect, spend time with their kids, and go outside and breathe the fresh air. Participating in this event is one of the most challenging things one can do. Most will come out failing and exhausted and the ones that do accomplish it will end up going back to their comfy couch and television sets. National TV-Turnoff week is an extremely unnecessary event that corporations use to lure people out of their homes and into a high priced world where the average person cannot survive. <br>

<br>The main goal of this week is to make people go out and spend money. As a result it makes the economy grow. But what society doesn't understand is that not everyone can afford the luxuries the world has to offer. The geniuses behind this idea are such scammers. Are viewers supposed to go a week without television and realize how amazing the outside world is and spend more time there than in their homes? <br>

<br>North America is made up of a society where everybody owns at least one television set. It is one of the most used appliances in the household and watching it daily has become routine for most. It would be almost impossible to stop this activity cold turkey. Taking away the television would be like taking away milk from a baby. Without the television people would be deprived of entertainment. It is too expensive to go out these days considering that movie tickets, gas prices, and restaurant meals are too costly for the average person. <br>

<br>The number one reason why the nation watches television is because of one simple word: laziness. Nowadays nobody has time to go to art exhibits, make crochet doilies, and prepare candle lit dinners. What seems to be on everybody's mind, are deadlines, cell phones, soccer games, the Internet, fast food, and total chaos. There are so many family situations where both parents work, children are rushed into life and having a quiet dinner is absolutely impossible. Most households consider watching the television good quality, family time. It is a time where families can catch up on each other's lives, and still be entertained. <br>

<br>The television also doubles as an inexpensive babysitter. Children are hooked to the television as teenagers are to their CD player. They can easily keep their eyes glued for hours on end to this magical box. Not only is the television an inexpensive babysitter but also educational. Television programs such as Sesame Street, give children the opportunity to learn at home in an entertaining way. While the children are glued to the set, parents can relax and enjoy themselves. They can go ahead and finish up with the laundry and the dirty dishes. <br>

<br>National TV-Turnoff week is just another event people ignore. There are so many national weeks and events just like this that nobody seems to care. Take for example Plant a tree Day. How many people actually go out and plant a tree? How many people know that it even exist? National TV-Turnoff week does not miraculously change lifestyles. Regular viewers go back to their habit and go on with their life as if nothing happened. Television has such an influence, that it would be impossible to break from it. <br>

<br>The creators of National TV-Turnoff Week make television seem like a negative thing. A box that pulls apart families, tears down values and corrupts society. Television is actually quite helpful and informative. Where else can one find a box that's not only tells the weather, news and latest health issues but is also entertaining? <br>

<br>National TV-Turn Off week is a complete waste of time. It is not a successful event and it just makes people realize how lucky they are to live in a country that has over thirty channels. The television entertains, baby-sits and informs. Barely anybody has time to go these days. Cutting down on one of the most used appliance is tough and frustrating. Instead of National TV-Turn Off Week, North America should have a TV appreciation day where everybody can raise their clicker high and proud, and scream "Down with National TV-Turn Off Week!"

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