National Security Strategy

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National Security Strategy
As much as the world is being progressed security will always play one of the most important roles as long as the states exist and thus the central responsibility of the nation state is its own survival. Every state has to deal with different issues in this world and the hardest thing is how to deal with them. America which is a very powerful state has to take care of its national security and its citizens by different strategies that are shown in national security strategy. National Security Strategy is a document that U.S.A and also other states make to outline the concerns that are present and how to deal with these problems. Over the past decade or more many, governments, especially western governments, have taken steps to draw together a wide range of different functions, objectives and institutions under the concept of ‘national security’. Thus, the main reason that this strategy is created it is because of citizens and countries that face different types of security threats. This strategy has elements of realism, liberalism and constructivism which are the main theories of international relations. To begin with, realism is a theory essentially about power and security. States relentlessly seek power and security because they exist in a self-help system. Realism views global society as a system of states where power governs international relations. According to this perspective, the world is a community where national power determines the welfare and prosperity of citizens. States work only to increase their own power relative to that of other states and that self-center is the most important thing above all (Dunne and Schmidt 100-103). The U.S.A NSS claims that America’s power and leadership is something that is necessary to be present in the world and that with every condition this has to be manifested. Thus, in the introduction it is mentioned that one of the strategies of how they will lead in the future will be with strength. Therefore, it mentions that America’s military power is getting stronger each day and thus their military power is something that other states cannot compete with. Also from the realist perspective America is totally right when it mentions that the security should not end in its borders. Here are shown the realism elements that America should be responsible outside of its borders because it is in its interest since it upholds their commitments with its allies and partners and also it prevents conflicts or threats that could be global. America has another enemy which is Al-Qaida. Thus, U.S in order to fight against them thinks that military and nuclear weapons are very important elements and also it uses this strategy trying to keep good relations with other states in case if a war breaks out with terrorists it will have the support of others states. It is also stated that the only time that they will use power is when the people of U.S are in danger and thus whenever they use force they will try to reflect their values and make this use of force legitimate which is exactly another element of realism included.( “National Security Strategy” 1-10) Further, liberals seek to project values of order, liberty, justice and toleration into international relations. Liberalism views world as place that is dangerous but using the military power often outweigh the benefits. Liberalists claim that international cooperation is therefore in the interest of every state. Military power is not the only form of power. Economic and social power matter a great deal too. Exercising economic power has proven more effective than exercising military power. Different states often have different primary interests. International rules and organizations can help foster cooperation, trust, and prosperity (Dunne 114,115). Even though U.S.A’s NSS has some elements of realism it has also some other elements of liberalism. To begin with, the very first elements of liberalism that...

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