National security

Topics: Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States, Terrorism Pages: 4 (1058 words) Published: April 22, 2015
National security is the ability of a nation to protect its internal values from external threats. Amerians argue that National security takes away from their civil liberties. Americans believe that national security is unjustifiable to civil liberties According to a poll conducted by the Washington Post 66% of Americans were concerned "about the collection and use of [their] personal information by the National Security Agency. I posit that National Security is justifiable to sacrifice our civil liberties for protection of our lives and others. If not for National security would we all be alive today? Civilians tend to believe their rights of freedom are more important than their own lives. I do not see how if when your dead you have no rights at all. Following the 9-11 attack on the United States, the Patriot Act was formed to bring terrorists to justice. Law officials were given great ability to tap into telephones and track their calls. If not for the Patriot act, government would not be able to attain intelligence needed to capture . According to the testimony by Maureen A. Baginski Executive Assistant Director-Intelligence Federal Bureau of Investigation. Baginski states “ The need for effective intelligence capabilities cuts across all FBI programs including the counterterrorism, counterintelligence, criminal and cyber crime programs. This new directorate will ensure that intelligence is shared across these programs, eliminate information stove-piping, and allow the FBI to quickly adapt as threats change.… It shall also work to improve the FBI's capability to share intelligence, not only within the Bureau and the Intelligence Community, but also with State and local law enforcement." Baginski proves how much the FBI needs to break down the walls of intelligence to protect us from threats, which the Patriot Act entitles them. I believe Americans do not realize if civil liberties are more important than national security, who would save you in...
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