National Minimum Standards Presentation

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How will the implementations of the new National Minimum Standards impact on Children’s Homes and what steps will need to be taken to ensure we achieve excellent outcomes for Children and Young People for the future.


This presentation aims to give a brief outline of the importance of the National Minimum Standards and where they fit within Ofsted and future inspections. I will then look at the ‘New’ values which have also been included as well as some of the changes which have been implemented since the previous Standards were printed in 2002. While talking about these changes I will aim to give ways in which these changes can be implemented, and steps which need to be taken to ensure compliance with the New Standards. I will then summarise all of the above and there will be a chance for any questions.


The new National Minimum Standards came into force on the 1st April 2011. All inspections which Ofsted undertake from that date will be underpinned by the new standards as well as the new Children’s Homes regulations in their overall judgement of the home’s performance within the updated Children’s Homes Inspection Framework.

As all inspections are unannounced it is imperative that all members of staff are aware of the new standards to ensure consistent best practice and ensure that they provide the best possible care for children and young people in their home.

The new National Minimum Standards now includes a specific section on the ‘Values’ which should underpin the work done by staff to ensure they provide the best outcomes for children and young people and ensure the standards and regulations are met fully. Although these values are largely an amalgamation of previous government’s policies and statutory legislation, it is helpful for staff to be able to have these summarised on an A4 sheet. This could then be displayed as a daily reminder of the principles underpinning their role within the home.

Some of the...

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