National Memory and War in Great Britain

Topics: World War II, Russia, Great Britain Pages: 3 (1069 words) Published: April 5, 2013
National memory and war.
The Second Word War started 1th September 1939 and was one of the most horrible events in the whole world. All countries, combining all their forces, fought against Germany and did not allow it to set up supremacy. Fortunately, May 9th 1945 was the day of capitulation of Germany and the victory over it, but, finally, the war ended up only 2th September 1945. Since that time people have been celebrating the victory over Germany during 67 years. Russia and Great Britain gave a great contribution into the victory. But also both of the countries suffered great losses during the war. That is why the Remembrance Day is one the most important in these countries. It is the day when we remember those who sacrificed, protecting the world from fascism. During the war Russia was the member of USSR. An attack Germany on USSR 22th June 1941 was not expectable for people. They were shocked and didn’t suppose that the war would be so horrible. People didn’t surrender. Opposite this they remained fearless and stuck together. Everybody did everything to defeat the enemy and to protect their homeland. Men and young guys went to front and fought against fascist, even if it cost their lives. The war shown people’s invincibility and raised the common unbeatable spirit. People understood that they could everything only bringing together, peace and freedom would never leave their country. They should only have joined with each other to be successful. The meaning of the war for Russian people is really important. Memories of the war help people to overcome the difficulties in their lives now. They remember the war and understand that life is really wonderful today. They appreciate peace and country without attack and the fact that they can sleep without anxiety and worries. It’s worth it. The UK came into the war itself and was more prepared. British people were attacked by Germans plains mostly from the air. It was the most memorable event for British...

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