National Labor Relations Act: Formation of Unions and Elimination of Unfair Labor Practices

Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: June 15, 2009
What steps must the LPN’s follow to unionize?
What unfair labor practices need to be avoided by LPN’s?

National Labor Relations Act
“Federal and state laws guarantee the right to form unions! Eligible employees have the right to express their views on unions, to talk with their co-workers about their interest in forming a union, to wear union buttons, to attend union meetings and in many other ways to exercise their constitutional rights to freedom of speech and freedom of association.”

The LPN’s must first know their rights to form a union, Employees must research information or contact a union organizer to help with the necessary procedures, to organize workers into a union, once this is done the employees should be informed on the many benefits of becoming a unionized member, this can mean; job security, pay increase, and better working conditions. Employees should be given an opportunity to either fill out a membership form that should be kept confidential from the employer. Once that has been done, and if there are enough employees participating, meetings should be scheduled to discuss the voting process, employees will vote on how much to pay in union dues, who will be the union president, vice president, secretary, union steward and treasurer.

“A ULP is an action, which violates the rights of a party covered by the federal labor law

(Title VII of the Civil Service Reform Act, 5 United States Code, Chapter 71). The

parties covered by the labor law are, of course, employees, employee organizations

(unions), and agencies. In this regard, any party covered by the labor law may either

commit or be the victim of a ULP.”

The LPN’s are under a direct law not to discriminate against an employee, who is not in favor

of the union, or one who doesn’t participate in union duties. The union must always bargain in

good faith when handling grievances. The LPN’s, work under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse, LPN’s...

References: The National Labor Relations Act
Americas union Movement
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